www.berkeleyhumane.org - Main Channel http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/ Vija http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1151/Vija Species: Dog
Age: 3 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Tan and Black
Size: Medium Hi, I'm VIJA! So wonderful to meet you! May I kiss your cheek? I’m a gentle soul who’s…
2015-08-26 16:06:31
Marlene http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1152/Marlene Species: Dog
Age: 9 months
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Yellow and Black
Size: Medium Hi, I'm MARLENE! How about I show you my excellent belly? I’m a little timid at first,…
2015-08-26 16:16:55
Cheetah http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1070/Cheetah Species: Cat
Age: 3 months
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Brown Tabby
Hi, I'mCheetah! I'm a big cat! I roam and roar and hunt and climb trees! Just kidding! I'm not a w…
2015-08-27 13:05:40
Pippin & Samwise http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1124/Pippin-Samwise Species: Cat
Age: 3 months
Sex: Neutered Male (Samwise) and Spayed Females (Pippin)
Hi, we are Pippin and Samwise! We’re brand new to the world and still learning how to…
2015-08-23 10:58:21
Kurt, Krist, and Dave http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1148/Kurt-Krist-and-Dave Species: Cat
Age: 2 months
Sex: Neutered Males
Color: Brown Tabby & White (Kurt) Grey & White (Krist and Dave) HI!!! We're Kurt, Krist, and Dave! Can you feel our purr buzz…
2015-08-20 17:48:51
Stephanie Chuang http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1089/Stephanie-Chuang Species: Dog
Age: 3 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Brindle

Brown eyes and a great smile, that’s me! I am a sweet and…
2015-08-26 16:30:10
Zizzer-Zazzer http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1146/Zizzer-Zazzer Species: Dog
Age: 3 months
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Tan
Size: Small Hi, Hi, HI! I'm ZIZZER-ZAZZER!! I’m so excited to meet you! I'm an outgoing girl who would love play…
2015-08-20 16:38:24
Melody http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1149/Melody Species: Cat
Age: 3 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Calico Hiiiii! My name's Melody, what's yours? You’re my new friend! Did you know that? Well, I’ve decided. Why not…
2015-08-20 18:12:53
Jello Biafra http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1147/Jello-Biafra Species: Cat
Age: 2 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Color: Black
HelooOOoOooOOo!! I’m Jello Biafra!

Hey there, Bay Area cat adopters! I’m so glad you’re r…
2015-08-20 15:47:39
Fox in Sox http://www.berkeleyhumane.org/Post-02/1144/Fox-in-Sox Species: Dog
Age: 2 years
Sex: Spayed Female
Color: Black and White
Size: Large What's up? I'm FOX IN SOX! Disclaimer: I am not actually a fox. Foxy, maybe! My coat is so…
2015-08-23 16:44:45